We are creating 10K units of affordable housing by 2030 to address the affordable housing crisis in the city of Philadelphia.


Our Mission

The mission of Dwell City LLC is “creating equity through innovation in affordable housing.”


“Gentrification is creating refugees out of US citizens”

— Cornelius Moody, Social Activist- Philadelphia


We accomplish this through innovation in affordable housing- specifically a method called "The Dwell City Reverse Flipping Model," which involves purchasing turnkey properties, furnishing community spaces, and renting them out by the room at affordable prices.

It is our goal to provide safe, and affordable housing to low- and middle- income Philadelphians through innovation in affordable housing. We use community living, and "The Dwell City Reverse Flipping Model," creative lease agreements, and scalable resources to provide safe, reliable, and affordable housing in a desirable and convenient locations.

This plan stands to benefit everyone involved, and is a means of helping a demographic of people who are often overlooked, and under-served.

Our goal is to help people who are displaced by the changing landscape of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods by providing 10,000 safe and affordable dwellings by 2030.

In neighborhoods where most developers are offering luxury condominiums, lofts, and spacious houses for elite residents, we offer standard, comfortable, and simple floor plans for many to benefit from.

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Our Vision

Increasing the availability of affordable housing options for people to have safe, stable, and affordable places to dwell in the city.

We aim to create spaces for low- and middle- income Philadelphians to dwell and equip them with the skills they need to be to be homeowners after renting with us. We rent properties at less than 90% of the AMRP and/ or 30% of a renter’s individual or household income.

We use creative methods of qualifying renters for housing in order to ensure affordability, and we are able to provide unique amenities to our renters to ensure their success with Dwell City LLC.



or less of the area median rental price


of a renter’s income


We currently have two units rented and counting. We are poised for rapid growth through our partnerships with local non-profit organizations and the City of Philadelphia.

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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Dwell City LLC. We are currently searching for talented people to join our team, and we are always interested in hearing from investors.