Dwell City is your connect

We offer many solutions for tenants in Philly and beyond. Our ultimate vision is for there to be zero evictions due to job loss. We achieve this goal by using machine learning to predict when an individual tenant may need assistance and becoming a community to surround you with the resources that you need to offer you tailored resources that you nee to help you find the right career to help you succeed.

Dwell City is your advocate

We will send you short survey from time to time to get data points to help support you along your journey as a tenant. The data will help us support you, and we will send aggregate data points back to your landlord to let them know how they can improve their service to you.


Dwell City is your Support System

Statistics show that when a person loses their job with a support system, they are more likely to bounce back, and thrive. We are there in case you lose your job during the course of your tenancy. We are also here if you want to learn new skills or change industries. You have access to our platform whether you lose your job or not. You can gain extra income any time… for any reason.

Dwell City is your partner

You are able to work on projects in your community through Dwell City LLC and our partnerships. We are able to complete projects the improve the community in which you reside- meaning that you can get paid to improve you own back yard.